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Foreskin & Circumcision: The REAL Truth

a public service message, courtesy of the WebMagician

With God's help,
a loving couple
created this wonderful,
incredibly beautiful,
happy and healthy,
newborn baby boy !

So innocent, so trusting,
so completely helpless !
Wonderful Newborn Baby Boy

Because of ignorance,
society's indifference,
medical mis-information,
myths, and outright lies,
he's going to be turned
into this tortured little soul!
Circumcision = Male Genital Mutilation

Over 50% of infant boys born in North America are sexually mutilated every year. What's even more shocking, is that it's the babies' mothers and doctors who are responsible for this abuse.

Society's Shame

Each and every single day, thousands of innocent, helpless, newborn baby boys are taken into an operating room, strapped onto a restraining table, arms and legs firmly bound, and literally have their penises 'skinned alive'.

First, surgical instruments are used to tear the skin loose from the head of the penis.  This delicate, highly-innervated,  extremely erogenous tissue is then peeled back from the helpless baby's tiny penis, like ripping a fingernail off a finger.

The peeled-back tissue is then placed in a vise-clamp, and the tissue is crushed for approximately 10 to 20 minutes, while the baby screams in abject horror, his poor body twisting and convulsing from the pain.  His tiny heart nearly explodes as his heartbeat soars to a staggering two hundred or more beats per minute.

Then, as shock begins to set in, his breathing stops and his body turns blue.  A doctor then takes a knife and amputates all this exquisite tissue from the baby's penis, forever altering that innocent child's life.

There are no painkillers, no sedatives, no anesthesia - the baby is wide awake through the entire horrific experience.   All the while, the unrelenting, inescapable pain permeates every fiber of that little baby's mind.  If he's one of the more fortunate ones, he'll lapse into a comatose, catatonic state as his body shuts down while trying to escape the bombardment of his senses with unimaginable pain.

After the amputation, there are no sedatives, no painkillers, no magical soothing ointments, lotions, or salves.  His tiny, bloodied, nearly-skinless penis is a giant open wound - raw, bleeding, and extremely painful - and it is left in agony, to 'heal itself' over the course of the next several weeks or months.

And while the penis heals, each and every time the baby urinates he is subjected to incredible pain, as the ureic acid comes in contact with the exposed flesh.

This 'procedure' is euphemistically refered to as a 'simple circumcision'.

Is this what the doctor tells the parents?    No.    Parents are never told the truth about what will be done to their baby, because no sane parent would ever consent to such horrific mistreatment of their newborn child.



Every year more than a million and a half helpless baby boys are sexually mutilated in North America.  These children have the most private and personal parts of their bodies amputated for the sole purpose of depriving them of their natural right to experience the exquisite range of sensual pleasure God intended them to have.  All other excuses put forward in the hopes of justifying this butchery, whether medical, religious, or otherwise, are lies designed to perpetuate the mutilations.

Society will not permit circumcision of a girl's clitoris, but the foreskin is a man's clitoris ... they are sexually analogous.  The foreskin is the primary erogenous zone on a man's body!  It is an abomination that this atrocity continues to be perpetrated in every hospital in North America, day in and day out, with such impunity !

Calling it a circumcision doesn't change the fact
that the baby is being sexually mutilated.

Webster's Dictionary defines circumcise as follows ...

      to cut off the prepuce of (a male) or the clitoris of (a female)

*     *     *     *     *

"It is strange that doctors in Western countries will not permit female circumcision, which involves removal of some or all of the erogenous tissue from the vulva ... but will permit, and in some cases encourage, the removal of the male prepuce, which is identical to the female prepuce in its embryological development, cell structure, and nerve and blood supply."
      - E. Wallerstein, Circumcision: an American Health Fallacy

*     *     *     *     *

"The forced amputation of a healthy part of an infant's or child's genitals without his consent, whether in the name of medicine, religion or social custom, is a violation of his human rights."
      - Paul M. Fleiss. MD, MPH

*     *     *     *     *

"Those who would circumcise, implicitly suggest that they know better than nature, God, or whatever power created us and our world."
      - Ronald Goldman, Ph.D, Circumcision: The Hidden Trauma

*     *     *     *     *

Webster's New Dictionary of Synonyms ...

      implies the cutting off or removal of a part essential to completeness,
      not only of a person but also of a thing, and to his or its perfection,
      beauty, entirety, or fulfillment of function.

*     *     *     *     *

Where is society's outrage over infant male circumcision ?!
Why do these mutilating doctors continue to get away with this butchery ?

They get away with it because of society's "conditioning". In North American society, a man has to be a macho asshole in order to be a "real" man. Men figure the sun rises and sets on their personal erections. To accept that you've been maimed, that your penis is MISSING an extremely erotic, extremely important, functionally necessary part, is to admit that your penis ISN'T perfect, that you're NOT God's gift to women. Circumcised men in North America have been conditioned to accept their mutilation as normal, and they exhibit the same emotional repression as women - in other parts of the world, such as Africa - who have had their clitoris's circumcised.

The medical profession further adds to the problem by covering it up. Tens of millions of men visit their doctors every year because of sexual dysfunction problems. And instead of being honest and telling these men the truth ... "hey, you were fucked over royally by the bastard who circumcised you"... the doctors' solution is to simply dismiss it as "old age" and prescibe millions of dollars worth of drugs.

And finally, there's the 'social stigma' in North American culture, the homophobia that leads men to stifle themselves when it comes to talking about their anatomy. Men are so afraid of being labelled "gay", that the only commentary they make about the penis is filthy jokes and laughter at someone being hit in the groin with a baseball bat. Have you ever seen a 'funniest shitass video' showing a woman getting a football or a golf ball or a baseball or anything else in the groin? Any cartoons showing a woman falling onto a fence or flagpole or other such item, with her legs splayed apart, and someone yelling "oooh that's gotta hurt" ? There is such a profound repression of anger, of horror, feelings of betrayal, and a knee-jerk response to laugh, to distance oneself emotionally and psychologically from the obscenity of what's been done. Until men can overcome this conditioning, until men can come to understand and acknowledge what's been taken from them, until then .. the brutal cycle will continue.

My intention is to present the relevant information about circumcision without continuously quoting and footnoting reference sources.  Having waded through far too many webpages of that ilk, I know how tedious, disjointed, and difficult such presentations can be to read and understand.

Therefore, the following pages contain unencumbered, reasonably concise information about the penis, the prepuce, and the massively destructive physical, emotional, and psychological effects circumcision inflicts upon its victims.

However, for those interested in more specific information, such as formal medical research, investigative studies, and detailed facts and figures, I have compiled a substantial list of reference source links (the last link page in the list below).

Final Words from the WebMagician

"If this topic upsets you, if it disturbs you, if it makes you terribly sad, or furiously angry, to think about the horror being inflicted upon these helpless infants ...


Write a letter to your MLA, write a letter to your MP, write a letter to your congressman/woman, write a letter to the President, write a letter to the Prime Minister, write a letter to every doctor and every hospital in your city!   Make your voice heard!  Don't just sit there and let it continue!"

For all the innocent victims, my simple dedications
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