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The Orgasm (and the Ejaculation Myth) Explained

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The Brain's Sexual Pleasure Center

During early childhood/adolescence, as men's and women's sexual organs grow, neural pathways form and a special "pleasure center" develops in the brain. This sexual pleasure center is responsible for producing what is known as an orgasm. The pleasure center receives nerve signals from the genitals during sex, and ultimately these nerve pulses stimulate that part of the brain into triggering an orgasm. This causes the release of a wide range of chemicals, proteins, and hormones into the bloodstream, and they are distributed throughout the body producing the all-over "flush", the feeling of contentment & well-being, that are what men & women feel when they experience an orgasm.

Circumcised Women

When young women are circumcised, the sexual nerve that leads to the brain is severed. This means no nerve signals are able to travel to the sexual pleasure center in the woman's brain, and she is rendered incapable of having an orgasm. The woman can have all the sex in the world but she will never have an orgasm because the pleasure center in her brain is unable to receive the signals/stimulus needed to trigger the orgasm response.

Circumcised Men

During a baby boy's early development, his penis undergoes many changes, and as that happens nerve signals from the penis travel to his brain and cause the development of the sexual pleasure center in his brain. When a baby boy is circumcised, the neural pathway to the brain is destroyed, and as a result his brain is unable to receive those nerve signals from his developing penis, and the sexual pleasure center never grows. The brain cells where that pleasure center should have developed are instead used by other parts of the brain. As a consequence of circumcision, that man will never experience an orgasm.

Ejaculation Is NOT An Orgasm

As a man reaches sexual climax - whether intact or circumcised - he ejaculates, and for genitally intact males it is generally triggered at the same time as the nerve signals trigger his brain into an orgasm — but ejaculation is a SEPARATE bodily function. For a circumcised male, ejaculation is the ONLY response his body is capable of, his brain cannot produce an orgasmic response. He will feel his ejaculation, experience it as the semen is pumped through his penis, and it triggers nerve endings deep inside the head of his penis, but that is ALL he feels. It is very localized, feeling it ONLY in his penis. It is similar to what a woman feels when a penis is stroking her vagina, or what she feels when the man's penis is throbbing as it spurts semen inside her. While it may indeed be a pleasurable sensation, ask any woman and she'll tell you it is definitely NOT an orgasm.

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