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Mutilation of an Innocent

a public service message, courtesy of the WebMagician

Genital Mutilation: The Circumcision Operation

The following photographs are graphic images of a helpless infant being sexually mutilated. The amputation of an innocent child's genital tissues is not a pretty sight. If you cannot bear to look at photos of what actually happens to a baby during this operation, how can you possibly subject a newborn infant to the actual butchery?

The mutilation is done without anesthesia - because anesthesia is too dangerous. Note that the operation takes on average 20 to 30 minutes.††If the doctor makes a mistake it will last even longer. Also note that circumcision - with and without anesthesia - CAN and DOES kill hundreds of babies every year. Unfortunately, the doctors never acknowledge their responsibility in these deaths, and so the cause of death is rarely reported as either circumcision or anesthesia.

The media is just as guilty as the doctors in reporting these deaths - they slant the news and help cover up the mistakes. Here's one example: on October 20, 1998, a little baby boy named Justin Evans died in a Cleveland hospital as a DIRECT result of a botched circumcision. Within hours of the story appearing on the Channel 5 News website, the webpage was suddenly changed and the story was slanted to remove any blame from the doctors and the circumcision, and instead blame it on a very rare reaction to the anesthesia. Wake up, assholes - if they hadn't circumcised him, he wouldn't have been in the operating room and subjected to the anesthesia.

This was once a beautiful creation of God and nature. This child was once physically and spiritually whole. Not any more.††††††††

In North America ...

Every 23 seconds a helpless baby boy has his genitals mutilated.

Every 23 seconds a sociopathic doctor gets his (her) sick "high",
by mutilating another defenseless child.

Every 23 seconds an innocent life is changed forever.


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