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Men's Health Information

Protect Your Newborn Son
from "Accidental" Circumcision
and Penis/Foreskin Abuses

a public service message, courtesy of the WebMagician

The overwhelming majority of doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers, have ABSOLUTELY NO KNOWLEDGE of the anatomy of the intact penis and the functions and purpose of the foreskin.

In virtually ALL cases of infection of the penis and other medical complications, the REASON for the problems is the DIRECT RESULT of attempts by the doctor or nurse to retract the baby's foreskin.

The proper care of the intact penis is to "LEAVE IT ALONE". At birth, the foreskin is firmly attached to the glans just like a fingernail is attached to a finger. It is not meant to be separated, and most certainly does NOT retract at that age. Over the course of the child's development into early adulthood, at a point anywhere between age 3 or 4 and puberty, the foreskin will NATURALLY separate. Once natural separation has occurred, the CHILD will be the first person to retract the foreskin HIMSELF.

ANY attempt to forcibly retract the foreskin prior to the time of natural separation will cause irreparable damage to the penis, through tearing, bleeding, the formation of adhesions, infections, and other attendant problems resulting from those infections.

Any damage which may be done to your son's delicate penis can NEVER BE UNDONE, and he will have to live with the consequences HIS ENTIRE LIFETIME.

Your innocent child is helpless, defenceless, and completely vulnerable, and it is YOUR responsibility to protect him from the stupidity, carelessness, and outright hostility of others, no matter who they are.

To help guard your newborn son and protect him against circumcision, you should take the following precautions for your hospital stay:
  • print out, fill in, sign, and date 3 copies of the NON-Circumcision Notification Form.
  • keep one signed copy for your own records, in safe-keeping at home
  • bring two signed copies to the hospital/health-care facility when admitted for childbirth/maternity care
  • have these two copies signed by the admissions nurse/personnel
  • give one copy to the hospital/health-care facility for their records
  • keep the other copy for your records

  • when signing ANY documents at the hospital, read them very carefully to make sure you are not signing anything that could be construed as granting permission for circumcision
  • as an added measure of protection, you can WRITE on ANY form given you in the hospital, "CIRCUMCISION IS FORBIDDEN", and INITIAL your note on the form
  • ensure that on your baby's crib/bassinet, there is a large note stating in bold letters, "CIRCUMCISION FORBIDDEN - DO NOT RETRACT FORESKIN"
    believe it or not, babies have still been circumcised even after parents have expressly indicated their non-circumcision wishes both verbally and in writing.
It is illegal in most states/provinces for medical facilities and personnel to solicit for unnecessary surgery. Therefore, if anyone offers or gives you a Circumcision Consent Form when you have not requested one, it constitutes solicitation, and you have a legal right to bring action against the hospital.

Doctor's Office Visits
Once home from the hospital, it is also important to ensure your son is protected during any followup visit(s) to your doctor. You should provide your doctor with a signed and dated copy of the Intact Care Agreement for Healthcare Providers.
  • print 2 copies of the form, fill in, sign, and date them
  • ensure the doctor signs them both
  • leave one copy with the doctor
  • and keep one copy for yourself.
There is NO reason whatsoever for the doctor to "inspect" your son's penis during an exam. And certainly there is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON to "see inside", to "see if it retracts", to "clean" it, to "loosen" it, or anything else. Any attempts by the doctor to do so should be viewed as criminal assault upon your child, and you should take whatever action is necessary to PREVENT and/or STOP such manipulation of your child's penis.

Care/Cleaning of the Intact Penis
The intact penis needs no special care. For infants, parents simply wipe the OUTSIDE with soapy water at bath time (and rinse after with warm water), and with water or baby wipes at each diaper change. Any "cleaning" other than the afore-mentioned can cause infection, and problems which stem from infections.

For young boys, prior to the foreskin's natural separation from the glans, instruct the child to wash the OUTSIDE with soapy water at bath time, and rinse after with warm water.

Once his foreskin has naturally separated on its own, inform him of the proper care concerning retraction and cleaning. HE will retract gently and wash the entirely exposed foreskin with plain warm water. DO NOT USE SOAP as it will cause irritation and swelling.

That's all there is to it !  Don't let anyone try to tell you differently !

The Forms
To download these forms (in Microsoft Word'97 format) which you can print and give to the doctor(s), nurse(s), hospital/health-care facility(s) to help protect your newborn son against both circumcision and wrongful manipulation of his foreskin, please select the link(s) below. Simply right-mouse-click the link, and select "Save Link As" (Netscape) or "Save Target As" (Explorer), then save the file to your hard drive.

NON-Circumcision Notification Form

Intact Care Agreement for Healthcare Providers

If you don't have Microsoft Word '97, you can download the free Microsoft Word'97 Viewer (approx. 4 MB).

These forms have been compiled as a result of reviewing several similar types of forms from a number of circumcision awareness websites, and as such I wish to acknowledge the input/work of everyone involved.

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