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Men's Health Information

Circumcision = Genital Mutilation = Child Abuse

a public service message, courtesy of the WebMagician

QUESTION:   Are you a woman? Try to imagine being involved in some type of accident - perhaps a car crash. You survived, but your upper body was horribly cut, torn, and disfigured. Your breasts had to be amputated, and you've been left with massive scars, with very little - if any - of your breasts remaining. How would you feel about yourself - physically, emotionally, psychologically? Now, how about instead of an accident, picture that someone had deliberately maimed and mutilated you shortly after you were born. Just because they could do it .. because you were a helpless baby, unable to stop them. How would you feel about THAT?

QUESTION:   Are you a man? Are you normal/intact? You're a very lucky man! You already know that 95% of all the erogenous, pleasure-producing nerves in your penis are contained in the foreskin.  Are you circumcised? Have you ever stopped to think about that -- the most wonderful part of your body - your penis - has been mutilated? Do you realize that the most pleasurable part of your body - your foreskin - has been cut off and thrown away?

QUESTION:   Are you a parent? When your child was born, did you think about having one of his toes cut off? Did you ask the doctor to snip off your baby's earlobes? Or poke out his eyes? Then how can you tell the doctor to mutilate your son's penis? How can you tell the doctor to amputate the most wonderful, most sensitive, most pleasurable part of your son's body - his foreskin? How can you sexually lobotomize your child, and still look yourself in the mirror? How can you justify destroying your child's future sexual well-being? How can you call yourself a loving parent? A parent's first duty is to PROTECT one's child .. NOT to hurt him, NOT to maime him!

You don't mutilate your daughters - why do you mutilate your sons ?

It's perfectly acceptable for a woman to feel physically, emotionally, spiritually, and psychologically devastated when confronted with the loss of one or both of her breasts, as the result of cancer for example. Why then is it so hard to understand the same response, the same feelings of loss, the anger and the horrific feelings of betrayal, in a man who has had the most beautiful, most sensitive, most pleasurable part of his body ripped apart, mutilated, and permanently disfigured?

The purpose of this website is to provide information about the horrific effects of male infant genital mutilation (euphemistically refered to as circumcision), so that we can end this barbaric violation of innocent children's bodies.

The information in this website is the result of more than 12,000 hours of personal research from medical journals, universities and medical centers, national and international paediatrics associations, and correspondence with world-renowned medical researchers and specialists.

This website also provides information about the true nature and function of the male prepuce, and offers information to men who were circumcised at birth on how to 'recover' some of what's been stolen from them through a process known as 'nonsurgical foreskin restoration'.

Because the self-serving medical profession falsely portrays the mutilated (circumcised) penis as being the way God made it, virtually all medical textbooks are sorely missing true, factual information about the penis.

The following pages contain graphic images of the human penis and detailed descriptions of human sexuality.  The information is presented for the purpose of educating the reader.  It is specifically meant to replace & supercede the mis-information and outright lies provided by North American healthcare providers.

Many of the pictures found herein are my own; others are presented under protection of the 'fair use' provisions of the Copyright Act. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please feel free to contact me.

Please note:  If you're some kind of religious fanatic or anti-pornography zealot, be advised to take your crusades elsewhere.  If you're too immature to deal with the fact that the human body has genitals, then I suggest you leave, and perhaps return when you've grown up.

Special Note:  This website is NOT a supporter of the Internet Watch Foundation. If you get your internet connection from an internet service provider who supports that group of ignorant, censoring cockroaches, I urge you to please switch to a different company.
Extra-Special Note to Cleanfeed – the world doesn't need or want you, so FUCK OFF.

Foreskin & Circumcision Information: The REAL Truth

Because there are a fair number of photos in this section of the website, I have tried to build the pages so that the number of images per page is reasonable. However, if you're on a moderately slow internet connection (ie: slower modem speed), you may have to wait for a couple of minutes for some pages to completely load.

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Portions of the information herein were published
as a special report in the Australian medical journal,
'Health & Healing - Journal of Complementary Medicine',
Vol.20 No.2, October - December 2000

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