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Kirlian Photography: Diagnostic Tool of the Future

~ Anna Juhasz ~

Kirlian Photography is a relatively new science based on centuries of belief by scientists and some physicians that a "Universal Life Force" is within all living beings. Around the end of last century, pioneering scientists who were determined to learn more about this "Life Force" discovered that "something" unseen surrounds all living bodies, emanating from within. Unable to define what it was, their work received little attention.

In 1939, Soviet scientists Semyon Kirlian and his wife, Valentina, working with a diathermy machine, accidentally stumbled onto that "something". They produced a negative film that exposed the outline of their fingers with dazzling electrical impulses forming into a solid "corona".

A team of researchers that joined them included Dr. Adamenko, a biophysicist, and Dr. Inyushin, a biologist. Together they concluded that electrical streams of bioplasma move in and out of living tissues, creating a magnetic field, or "Aura". They devised photography equipment using high frequency electrical current to film the corona for future study.

Kirlian Photograph of a Human Thumb (7k)

A healthy person's corona shows a luminescent glow on the Kirlian Photograph, while a sick person has a weakened or broken glow. The bioplasma that produces the glow constitutes the energy forces that run through the ten energy zones, known in the Orient as Meridians, carrying life sustaining enzymes to every cell and to the vital parts in the body. The zones terminate on the fingertips and on the soles of the feet.

The flow of energy is vital to the glandular system; the glands have a direct relation to the bloodstream. Through the glow around the corona that is a tiny perfect picture of the human body, researchers have been able to trace any interruption in the flow of energy and determine with exact accuracy where the disease is forming. This is well before conventional medical examination or even x-rays would sound the alarm.

This claim is supported by the findings of a Rumanian researcher, Dr. Dumitrescu, who produced photographs that revealed impending illnesses. While studying the changes on the corona, he found that the magnetic field revealed abnormal discharges in cases of ulcer, colitis, or even cancer and cystic fibrosis "b e f o r e" the patient showed or felt any symptoms.

The magnetic field, or aura, is a combination of our physical and emotional makeup. The thirty billion cells in our brain give out trillions of electrical impulses merely by our thinking. Emotional stress more than anything else slows down or can block the flow of energy, thus setting the stage for disease, usually at the already weakened part in the body.

Dis-ease is a greek word, meaning 'absence of ease'. Under stress for a prolonged period, the life supporting enzymes produce chemicals that are out of balance, and they in turn weaken or totally block one or more energy zones leading to the inevitable breakdown in the corresponding organ.

Great men in the medical profession, and philosophers, believe that the body functions with such perfect precision, that it is able to correct imbalances and heal itself, under normal conditions. The power of balance originates from the mind, therefore a positive person with a relaxed outlook on life emanates a powerful, clear corona/aura. The Kirlian photograph is a scientific proof that our thoughts influence the well-being of our physical body, that direct relationship exists between the physical and the emotional level. To take it a step further, the energies flowing into vital parts of the body are controlled by the emotional level.

Interest shifted to the study of existing relationships between the flow of energy and the person's state of mind in connection to the well-being of the physical body. Simultaneous research is going on in several European countries, including the U.S.S.R., sponsored by their governments. In the United States a team of enthusiastic laymen and medical professionals succeeded in recording the energy field around the human body on videotape and television, assisted by engineers from the United Nations.

Learned men of the medical profession and scientists who believed that all living things and living beings possessed "Universal Energy", or "Life Force", searched on and off for centuries for proof. With the aid of Kirlian Photography now this is a reality with exciting possibilities. As interested researchers continue to exchange their ideas and findings from all over the world, they justly regard that Kirlian Photography is already a powerful tool of the future.

Kirlian Photograph of a Leaf (33k)

About the Author: Anna Juhasz is a well-known psychic in Canada and a member of the International Kirlian Research Association based in New York. A very dynamic person, she travels quite extensively throughout the country generously sharing her knowledge and experiences with others.

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