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It's All In Your Head! The Power of the Mind in Healing

~ Mary Carr ~

More and more is being written these days about the power of the mind in healing. At last science is recognizing as fact what devotees of the Ageless Wisdom have known for millenia! Science claims to have "discovered" this power, but we can live with that, as long as that power is used.

There is a tendency to rely on drugs for pain, and to follow the doctor's instructions meticulously, even when we know deep inside that there must be a better and more natural way of dealing with illness. And often there is!

In fact, there are many natural methods of healing, all of which can either be used alone or combined with others. Many of these methods utilize the power of the mind to heal.

Let's look at some of the more common and most easily implemented forms of natural healing. Acupuncture may not be useful in everyday life, but its cousin acupressure is. Then we have reflexology, massage, color healing, prayer, and yoga, to name a few.

Acupressure can be easily learned, and easily put into effect. One must, or course, invest in a good book showing pressure points and technique. And too, one must exercise care in following instructions exactly. We measure very carefully the sweetener for our tea, but tend to become careless when measuring the amount of pressure applied to a point. The first lesson in any healing method is care and precision, even though we may take for granted a doctor's care and precision with his scalpel.

Reflexology is akin to acupressure, in that it utilizes certain pressure points in the hands and feet which relate to certain areas of the body. The map of the foot or hand in this healing technique is fascinatingly accurate.

Massage is not only wonderfully soothing, but is also one of nature's best healers, in that the cares and upheavals of life melt entirely away under the skilled hands of a masseur or masseuse, thus relieving or averting such discomforts as high blood pressure and the like. Massage is often used in conjunction with other healing methods, as a relaxant.

Colour healing is being touched upon now by the medical world, mostly in the area of psychology. The art of colour healing, however, needs only a focused mind to become one of the most exciting and positive factors in the body's health. Excellent books are available in most forward-minded bookstores. Is your boss angry this morning? Then flood him and his surroundings with soothing blue energy, and just see if he doesn't calm down within a very few minutes.

Prayer, as we know, is frequently used to invoke healing. Those of us who meditate can use the same method, basically, of bringing in the cosmic forces to flush out disease. Be we religious or not, esoteric healing has its place in the ranks of nature's foremost healers.

Yoga, you say, is exercise, not a healing method. But, consider the fact that a healthy body is a body which is in tune with nature through proper diet and exercise. Yoga can be extremely helpful in purging the body of toxins, and in toning up rarely used muscles, to say nothing of what it does for the nervous system and the mind.

Yes, the mind. Each of the healing methods touched upon here utilizes the mind to some degree. And, since energy follows thought, a positive direction of the mind in conjunction with any and all of the techniques, intensifies the positive results of the method(s) used.

It has been established that we create our own sickness, though usually subconsciously. Is it not logical, therefore, that we can also create our own health? The healing methods mentioned here are merely aids. The power behind them is in YOU! It's all in your head!

About the Author: A devotee of natural healing, Mary Carr lives in the splendour and tranquility of the Rocky Mountains in Canmore, Alberta.

Copyright 1980, Mary Carr - All Rights Reserved