Him and Me

Him - He is a Heaven
A beauty, strong and tall.
Me - A ghost, I watch him
He doesn't notice me at all.

Him - He is a panther
Majestic, sleek and fast.
Me - I'm just an ice cube
Melting as he walks past.

Him - He is a god almighty
Worth more than life itself.
Me - I'm just a rag doll
Loving him more than myself.

Him - He is a picture
Perfect as can be.
Me - I'm just a statue, staring
Hoping he'll notice me.

Him - He is the sun
More beautiful than heaven or earth.
Me - I am just stupid
Hoping for love I don't deserve.

Copyright 1996,1998, Sarah Ratcliff - All Rights Reserved
Submitted by the Author & Used by Permission