The Dark Twin

Dans ces jours
On croyait que le Soleil
Etait une femme
Et que la Lune
Etait un homme

In those days,
It was believed that the Sun
Was a woman
And that the Moon
Was a man

For here I lie
Stretching far off
In every direction
I am the earth
Solid foundation
And the rest of the universe
Moves around me

For in the beginning
There was only the Moon
Cold light
Looking out into the Void
Cold, so cold
Since for the Moon
There was no companion

And so he beamed
Light that does not warm
Face that never moves
That ever-frontal view
For ages without end

And in his solitude
He desired a companion
One with which to share
His time
To share the times,
And he created me
Another orb, Another globe

And in his own image did
He me make
Round, extending in all directions
But I did not glow with that white light
For the Moon,
Though very, very old
And equally wise
Did not know that the
Evening glow did radiate from him

So, in creating me,
He did not give me light,
For light he could not see
And he made me male like he
I thus became the dark twin
To Father Moon

And for countless aeons
We gazed upon each other
He, shimmering in the eternal sky
I, mute and dark, a life-less place, I
Wherever he went I followed
As we traversed the boundlessness
Of the Aether

Then, quietly one day
Another appeared
Created out of the need of the Universe
For the twins were similar,
Yet incomplete
And this other was So different
So unique
Unlike the Father and the twin

The other was not male
And was dissimilar
She was bright and radiating
Whereas the Moonís light gives rise
To shadows
The otherís light
Dissipated the shadows
And brought life streaming
From her brilliant glow

I call to you, Sunrise
After an eternity of endless
Bring your heat and intensity to
This world

I sense your arrival on that first day
I can feel your energy rising
Though you are far away
I know little of this other
But I know she makes me complete

I call to you
Warm glow
I can feel you warming the air that surrounds me
I can feel a stirring in my mantle
For I know my core
Is molton, hot
In constant motion

Hail and bring life
To me this day
I sense a glow upon the horizon
Red and yellow is the colour
Of the vaulted heavens above
And from these colours
The night does fly
Obscuring the many points
Of light in the evening sky

I see your face moving towards me
I feel you heat rising as your
I feel the stirrings of life
In limbs and valleys
Long barren
And cold

And as you come closer
I sense an awakening
New growth,
A new beginning
As you have risen
To cover half the sky
I tremble
With waves and waves of heat
Rolling over me
Creating a new beginning
No longer living in the shadows of the Moon
Basking in your glow
Basking in your sunny countenance

As you move over me
The chill of the long ages past
Evaporates under your searing gaze
You have transfixed me
I cannot move
I dare not move, at all
I am no longer a ball of ice
I am nearly verdant
Coming to life all over
Standing stones erupt
From my mantle
Raised as monuments
To the glory of the Sun

I find you in full glory
Towering over me
The sun radiant, majestic
And as you open your many arms
I am blinded by the light resplendent
Your face
As you move closer to me
You consume me in your brilliance
With flames dancing all around you
You lower yourself onto me
And we merge into a more complete

After our joining
The winds arise for the first time
Whistling through the new-found verdure
Carrying the light and life forward
To every corner of the Earth
I have been transformed
Once cold and barren
Now seared with a new found intensity
A spirit newly born

And from that time forward
As we look into the evening sky
Father Moon always looks down
With his face as old as time itself
And he marvels at what
Fire and earth have become

We honour him
I from my broad fields
And from my standing stones as well
His deep light casts long shadows on me now
And you from the lofty height above
Light of life
Light of fire
There are no shadows on the Sun
Only the constant experience of Coming Into Being

And so
From that time forward
There were the three
The First Orb
The Green Orb
The Flaming Orb
And in this triune form
They traveled the heavens
And as they journeyed,
Many and varied were the things they saw
Exposed to Cold Light
Strained through Earth
Purified by the Sun
Traveling through uncharted regions

I am now more alive
Then ever before
Warmed and nurtured by the mystical Sun
Never again to be cold and distant
Basking in the glow
Dancing in the light

Copyright ©1998 by the Ogmic Press - All Rights Reserved
Submitted by the Author & Used by Permission